OrganiBOR is a BioGro certified organic fertiliser that provides plant available boron, and is a natural occurring magnesium/calcium borate that replenishes the boron levels in the soil.

Where is our premium boron sourced?

Due to New Zealand’s soil being low-to-deficient in boron, the majority of commonly used boron fertilisers need to be imported from other parts of the world.

The boron chip (OrganiBOR) is a naturally occurring rock found only in the Andes Argentina. The mine is over 4,500 metres above sea level, which ensures low levels of both heavy metals and contaminants in the finished product.

OrganiBOR is a naturally mined chip, with no chemical rendering to ensure a true organic boron chip. OrganiBOR is screened to a 2-4mm chip, ensuring a consistent product ready for use. The product is then bagged in 25kg or 1,000kg bags.

How can I use OrganiBOR?

Due to its low sodium content OrganiBOR can be used on just about any crop, including for all organic crops (Certified by BioGro.) Grochem strongly recommends taking a soil/herbage sample and have it analysed to determine how much, if any, boron is required for the desired outcome. For more information please contact your local OrganiBOR distributor.

OrganiBOR can be applied at any time of the year, and should be applied evenly either with a mechanical spreader or by hand. If OrganiBOR is being applied to orchards, vineyards, or crops where the grass or other foliage between the rows of crops, it is important that the grass or foliage is cut low just prior to application of OrganiBOR.

Due to OrganiBOR’s consistent chip size, OrganiBOR can be mixed with most commonly used fertilisers including lime. For further clarification please consult with your local OrganiBOR distributor or Grochem.

Rates kg/ha
Apples 50-75
Avocados 50-75
Fodderbeet 50-75
Grapes 50-75
Kale 25
Kiwifruit 50-75
Lucerne 50-75
Swedes 25
Turnips 25
Vegetable crops 50-75

What do you know about OrganiBOR?

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How long does OrganiBOR last?

Boron is always found bound to either sodium, magnesium or calcium. Most commonly used field applied borons are bound to sodium, which increases the risk of crop damage and faster release of the boron, generally lasting up to 3 months. The sodium can also be detrimental to soil microbes and worm activity.

OrganiBOR is different, its boron is bound to calcium and magnesium. This makes the boron more stable and less chance of leaching. It also means the boron is safer to the plant and less likely to give a salt burn. Being low in sodium ensures soil microbes and worms won’t be impacted. OrganiBOR release characteristics means it will release boron at a similar rate to which most plants need to take boron out of the soil.

OrganiBOR is designed to give long lasting stable release of boron and will give continual release of boron up to three years in the soil depending on the crop, climate and soil conditions. Your plant’s boron requirements are covered with OrganiBOR.

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What is OrganiBORmade of?

Calcium Magnesium Boracite in a 2-4mm chip form

Chemical formula Ca0 Mg0.2B203.6H20
Appearance Whitish chip
Boron content 10% min
Mg0 4.6% - 6.2%
Ca0 13% - 16%
Particle size 95% between 2 - 4mm
Packing 25kg or 1000kg bags
Organic certification BioGro number 2925